Cosco strengthens its presence in Turkey(ANKARA) China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (Cosco), China's largest shipping group, has been strengthening its foothold in ARMANITurkey since entering the market in 1996.Cosco, which owns and controls over 800 merchant vessels with an annual carrying capacity of 400 million tonnes, offers 土地買賣container liner services in major Turkish ports, including Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin, and provides ship agency for bulk cargo carriers at all Turkish ports.With a 13 借貸per cent share in Turkey's container transportation market, Cosco has become an important player in the shipping market of Turkey.Zhang Zhiliang, former Chinese 酒店兼職consul-general in Istanbul and the new Chinese Ambassador to Qatar, said the Cosco Turkey office has acted according to the Turkish law, respected working partners in 結婚Istanbul and brought their advantages into full play.The office has set a good example for the cooperation between Chinese and Turkish companies, he pointed out.Erdal 土地買賣Tokcan, vice chairman and general manager of Turkey's Marti Container Services SA, said that there has been good synergy between Cosco and Marti, which has a good 節能燈具understanding of the local market.The Cosco staff always listen to the advice of their partners before making a decision or judgement and act in a fair and reasonable 設計裝潢way, he said, noting that Cosco's success in Turkey was based on Chinese culture, etiquette and ethics shown in its interaction with the Turkish side.'I hope we 酒店兼職can foster closer cooperation with Cosco in future,' he added. -- Xinhua

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